You be the critic.

  • Carpet Alarm Clock
    Carpet Alarm Clock
  • Reflective Eyeglasses
    Reflective Eyeglasses
  • Fitbit Fitness Tracker
    Fitbit Fitness Tracker
  • Futon Convertible to Twin Bunk Beds
    Futon Convertible to Twin Bunk Beds
  • Toothpaste Roller Saver
    Toothpaste Roller Saver
  • Hoverboard
  • Fidget Spinner w/ Bluetooth Speaker
    Fidget Spinner w/ Bluetooth Speaker
Carpet Alarm Clock
Carpet Alarm Clock

Behind the MESA Weekly GEON Writing Prompt

This writing prompt is meant to foster the constant analytical thinking that I hope my students will acquire well beyond their high school years. I want my students to have a platform for where they can write down their analysis, ideas, curiosities, and opinions. From anything already built in this world to brand new inventions waiting to be patented, I want my students always pondering questions such as: 

  • Why does this work? 
  • Why is this not sold in other countries? 
  • Why is this so expensive or cheap? 
  • How come I didn't think of this? 
  • How would I have altered this product to make it more efficient?

A thoughtful half-page to one-page reflection is sufficient, but if students want to add a prototype/ sketch/drawing to accompany their suggestion, that would be great too. I simply want my students to communicate their ideas through writing. 

This is the first year Loara High School is participating in the MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement) Program. I am beyond ecstatic to be the MESA instructor!

Throughout the year, we will be learning how to research, design, build, and test our many projects. But while my goals are to help my students be critical and analytical thinkers and explore the various STEM fields through the team building of these projects, I also want them to sharpen their analytical skills by writing their own critique about product designs or inventions that have already been done. 




Analyze the visual for this week. Write a thoughtful reflection about whether you believe this object, design, or invention is a great one and why. Some of the questions below may be of help to you in asserting your position.

  • Who invented this?
  • Who is this built for?
  • What materials were used? Are they cheap/expensive and easy to get or make?
  • Does this make us more efficient? How?
  • How long would it take to build this?
  • What can be done to make this a better product?
  • Why would this be popular or unpopular?
  • In what part(s) of the world would this product do well? Why?

This week's GEON October 16-20, 2017:

Heavy-Duty Foldable Dolly

 GEON October 2-6, 2017: 

Car Windshield Sun Shade

GEON September 25-29, 2017: 

Cane with Seat

GEON August 7-11, 2017:  The Carpet Alarm Clock
GEON August 14-18, 2017: Horizontal Reflective Glasses
GEON August 21-25, 2017: Fitbit Fitness Tracker
GEON August 28-Sept 1, 2017: Convertible Futon Bunk Bed
GEON September 4-8, 2017: Rolling Toothpaste Squeezer
GEON September 11--15, 2017: Hoverboard
GEON September 18-22, 2017: Bluetooth Fidget Spinner
GEON September 25-29, 2017: Cane w/ Seat
GEON October 2-6, 2017: Foldable Car Windshield Sun Shade
GEON October 9-13, 2017: None this week
GEON October 16-20, 2017: Heavy Duty Foldable Truck Dolly