This week's GOW Aug 22-26, 2016: U.S. Trends in Obesity

Last week's GOW August 15-19, 2016: Summer Olympic Medal Count in Rio & past six games

GOW May 16-20, 2016: Summer Employment of American Teens

May 9-13, 2016
AP Testing, no GOW

GOW May 2-6, 2016: BAC, Drunk Driving Fatalities

GOW April 25-29, 2016: Most Popular Baby Names in the U.S.

GOW April 18-22, 2016: Kobe Bryant's 20-year Career Points per Game

Teacher Resource: Powerpoint to introduce the Graph of the Week on the first days of below!

(The graphs below are discussed in the powerpoint)

The Student Writing Prompt:

Analyze the graph below and write a reflection on what you think the graph is communicating to you. To guide you with your response, start with some observations.

  • What is the topic of the graph?
  • What do the x-axis and y-axis represent?
  • What are some observations you can make based on the graph?
  • What do you foresee happening about 5 years from now?

Questions to ask your students when reading graphs:

  • Is there an upward or downward trend?
  • Are there any sudden spikes in the graph?
  • What is being compared in the graph?
  • What prediction can I make for the future?
  • What inferences can I make about the graph?

Writing Prompt Template

Topics covered for the 2016-7 academic year:

8/15 Rio Summer Olympic Games Medal Count 

8/22 Trends in Obesity in the U.S. (2010 Healthy Kids Act impact)

Topics covered for the 2015-6 academic year:

8/24 California's Water Consumption

8/31 2015 MLB Projections 

9/14 SAT Scores vs. Family Income

9/21 Donald Trump Ratings in GOP Race

9/28 Caffeine Consumption

10/5 Homicide Rates in U.S. and Los Angeles

10/12 Sleep vs. GPA Statistics

10/19 U.S. Recorded Music Sales and Revenue

10/26 Hurricane Frequency 

11/2 Halloween Spending

11/9 The Digital Life of American Teens

11/16 Diversity Among California Universities

11/30 Animal Cruelty in the U.S.

12/7 Mass Shootings in the U.S.

1/4 Fall in stock prices of SeaWorld since Blackfish release

1/11 America's Sugar Consumption

1/25 Snowfall Accumulation East Coast

2/1 L.A. Metro Ridership/Commuter Patterns in the U.S.

2/8 Super Bowl Viewership

2/15 Net Favorability of Candidates among Latino Voters

2/22 Drug Use Among Teens

2/29 Violent Crime In Anaheim, CA

3/7 Delegate Counts After Super Saturday

3/21 Mental Illness in Children, Eating Disorders

4/4 Estimated Yearly Budget to Attend College Full-Time

4/11 The Most Ideal Number of Children to Have

4/18 Kobe Bryant's 20-year career Avg Points per game

4/25 Most Popular Names in U.S.

5/2 Blood Alcohol Content, Drunk Driving Fatalities Decline

5/16 Summer Employment for American Teens Decline

Topics covered for the 2014-5 academic year:

9/2-9/5 MLB Postseason Standings

9/8-9/12 Obesity in the U.S.

9/15-9/19 iPhone Sales (U.S. & Global)

9/22-9/26 U.S. Poverty Rate

9/29-10/3 U.S. Auto Sales; travel by car, global

10/6-10/10 Crime Rate Indexes, LA vs. Anaheim

10/13-10/17 Average Sport Spectator Attendance Global; Avg. Value NFL & MLB Franchises

10/20-10/24 Avg. Daily Attendance at Loara H.S.

10/27-10/31 ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Donation totals

11/3-11/7 Fast Food Sales, Global

12/1-12/5 UC Admission Rates

12/8-12 Disneyland Annual Attendance & Cost

1/5-1/9 Death by Firearms vs. Motor Vehicles in U.S.

1/26-1/30 Skills students need to be successful for life

2/2-2/6 Superbowl 30-second Ad Cost

2/9-2/13  Global Music Revenue & Most Popular Music Genres in U.S.

2/17-2/20 How much a Typical American Reads in a Year

2/23-2/27 Recycling Rates

3/2-3/6 Hit-and-Run Fatalities & Illegal Street Racing

3/16-3/20 Loara High School CAHSEE Results 2014

3/23-3/27 Newspaper Circulation Decline

4/6-4/10 Suicide Rates in the U.S.

4/13-4/17 Drought in California

4/20-4/24 Trends in Mail Volume, U.S.

4/27-5/1 L.A. City Worker Salaries

5/4-5/8 Technology Adoption since 1800s

5/18-5/22 E-Cigarette Use Among Teens

Topics covered for academic year 2013-14:

9/3-9/6 Teen Birth Rates

9/9-9/13 U.S. Video Rental Spending

9/16-9/20 Anaheim Violent & Property Crime Index

9/23-27 Life Expectancy

9/30-10/4 California Bullet Train Survey

10/7-10/11 Drug Use Among Teens & Among All Ages

10/14-10/18 Attitudes Toward Gay Marriage

10/21-10/25 Blood Alcohol Content Chart & Underage Drinking

10/28-11/1 Halloween Spending and Celebration

11/4-11/8 Trends in Obseity Among U.S. Children

11/12-11/15 Average Tuition Costs for UC & CSU schools

11/18-11/22 Top earning degrees & 20 most popular college majors

12/2- 12/6 Black Friday Sales

12/9-12/13 Texting Among Teens and Monthly Text Usage

1/7 - 1/11 Time Teens Spend Watching TV/other activities

1/27-1/31 Super Bowl Mobile App Usage 2012 & 2013

2/3-2/7 Super Bowl 30-second Ad Spot Costs 1967 to 2012

2/11-2/14 Winter Olympics Medal Count (Vancouver 2010 and Sochi 2014)

2/18-2/21 Fatalities & Injuries Statistics Caused by Teen Driving

2/24-2/28 Pregnancy, Birth, & Abortion Rates among teens aged 15-19 years old

3/3-3/7  Earnings and Job Growth for High School Graduates with No College Degree

3/10-3/14 Homeless Counts in California Counties

3/17-3/21 Global Music Revenue Sales (Dig vs CDs)

3/24-3/28 Plane Crash Statistics

4/7-4/11 Coachella Bands Performing 2014

4/14-4/18 School Shootings in the U.S.

4/21-4/25 Game Console Sales

4/28-5/2 E-Cigarette vs. Traditional Revenue & Use Among Students